Hemospermia may be linked to high uric acid levels, according to a report in Urology (2014;84:609–612).

Adel Kurkar, MD, and colleagues at Assiut University in Assiut, Egypt, studied 43 men who had 4–12 hemospermia attacks for 2–10 months before presentation, with no identifiable cause of the hemospermia. Of these, 22 had hyperuricemia.

The researchers compared these men with the 21 men with idiopathic hemospermia. Compared with the men who had idiopathic hemospermia, the hyperuricemia hemospermic patients had significantly higher serum uric acid levels (median 9.3 vs. 4.5 mg/dL), and they were significantly younger (median 31.5 vs. 45 years) and had a higher proportion of patients who reported painful ejaculation (68.2% vs. 9.5%). 

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Additionally, the hemospermia completely resolved in all men in the hyperuricemia group compared with only 25% of the idiopathic group within a mean of 2 months.

“Hyperuricemia is a new probably cause of hemospermia,” the authors concluded.