Mean net dietary phosphorus absorption is significantly lower after a single dose of lanthanum carbonate (LC) than after a single dose of sevelamer carbonate (SC), data suggest.

The findings are based on a study of 18 volunteers who participated in four treatment periods. For each treatment period, subjects were admitted to the study center and fasted overnight. The sequence of treatments (meal only, meal plus a single 1,000 mg tablet of LC, or meal plus three 800 mg tablets of SC) was assigned at random. Meals were standardized for phosphorus and calcium. The primary end point was net phosphorus absorption.

LC bound a mean 135.1 mg of phosphorus versus 63.2 mg of SC, a significant difference between the groups, researchers reported at the National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meetings in Orlando, Fla.

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In clinical practice, lanthanum carbonate treatment may provide sustained control of serum phosphorus without adding to the high pill burden of CKD patients, the authors concluded.