Mixing the potassium binder patiromer with a small amount of juice or soft foods will not impair its potassium-binding capacity, according to a poster presentation at the American Society of Nephrology’s Kidney Week 2021.

The powdered drug is typically mixed with water. Recently, the FDA approved apple or cranberry juice as alternative suspension vehicles.

Investigators tested patiromer’s potassium-binding ability after use of alternative drinks or foods at a low ratio (8.4 g of patiromer in 40 mL of vehicle) and a high ratio (12.7 g patiromer in 20 mL of vehicle). These ratios were the equivalent of patiromer doses of 8.4 g and 25.2 g per 80 mL, respectively. Mixtures were stirred with a small amount of juice or soft foods and, after a 45-minute rest period, diluted, centrifuged, processed, and analyzed.

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Mean total potassium-binding capacity for patiromer mixed with juices or nectars was 8.7-8.9 mmol/g at the low ratio and 8.5-8.6 mmol/g at the high ratio, Martin Khoeiklang and colleagues from Vifor Pharma reported. For soft foods or milk, the mean total potassium-binding capacity at the low and high dose were 8.5-8.7 mmol/g. These results fell within the prespecified acceptable range.

“Use of different vehicles for mixing patiromer may improve palatability and reduce the risk of nonadherence,” Khoeiklang’s team stated.

Tested juices and nectars included pineapple, orange, grape, and pear juice and apricot or peach nectar. Soft foods included yogurt, milk, apple sauce, and vanilla or chocolate pudding.

Disclosure: This research was supported by Vifor Pharma. Please see the original reference for a full list of disclosures.


Khoeiklang M, Wilhelm M, Li L, Moreno Quinn CP, Popov T. Compatibility study of patiromer with juices/liquids and soft foods. Presented at: Kidney Week 2021, November 2-7, 2021. Poster PO1134.