Hemodialysis (HD) is associated with a higher risk of hip fracture than peritoneal dialysis (PD), according to investigators in Taiwan.

Zhe-Zhong Lin, MD, and colleagues at Chi-Mei Medical Center in Tainan, analyzed the records of 51,473 patients who initiated dialysis from 1999 to 2005. The mean follow-up was 4.1 years. During the study period, 1,903 patients suffered a hip fracture.

The overall incidence rate of hip fracture was 89.2 per 10,000 patient-years. HD patients had a 31% higher risk of hip fracture than those on PD, the researchers reported online ahead of print in Bone. The risk of hip fracture was 13 times greater among patients aged 65 years or more than among those aged 18-44 years.

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