Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), the world’s largest dialysis provider, has donated and delivered dialysis supplies to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The company chartered a plane to deliver its donated supplies to the Dominican Republic, where nearly a dozen Haitians need dialysis because of acute kidney injuries from the earthquake. FMCNA said it has pledged close to $200,000 in supplies for Haiti relief efforts, including dialyzers, needles, bloodlines and heparin.

Responding to an outpouring of support from its employees who want to assist with aid to Haiti, FMCNA, based in Waltham, Mass., will match employee donations dollar for dollar, according to the company. FMCNA has more than 42,000 employees.

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“The situation in Haiti is heartbreaking, and we as a company want to do anything we can to help,” FMCNA’s CEO Rice Powell, said in a company press release. “We have received an overwhelming number of offers from employees who want to travel to Haiti and help those who are suffering. However, at this time, we have not received requests to send people to Haiti, but we are prepared to do so if the need arises.”

FMCNA is working through the American Society of Nephrology, which is coordinating with kidney organizations to provide needed supplies and medical professionals.

In addition, FMCNA is a leading member of the Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition (KCER), a group sponsored by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and provides technical assistance to ensure timely and efficient emergency preparedness and response for the kidney community. KCER is meeting regularly to coordinate efforts to assist Haiti.

FMCNA also loaded dialysis equipment and supplies onto the U.S. Navy’s floating medical treatment facility, the USNS Comfort, which is in Haiti treating patients. An FMCNA physician has also arrived in the Dominican Republic with supplies.