Crushing lanthanum carbonate and mixing it with food can be an option for hemodialysis (HD) patients with hyperphosphatemia who are unable to chew or swallow whole tablets, researchers reported in Hemodialysis International (2011;15:95-99).

Priscilla P. How, PharmD, and collaborators at the University of Illinois at Chicago, compared the effect of crushed and chewed lanthanum carbonate in 11 HD patients.

After a one-week washout period, the investigators randomized patients to receive, in a crossover fashion, lanthanum carbonate 1,000 mg three times daily chewed with meals and lanthanum 1,000 mg three times daily crushed into a fine powder mixed with applesauce and taken with meals.

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Each regimen lasted four weeks. Dr. How’s team measured serum phosphorus at the end of each washout (baseline) and weekly during treatment. Chewed and crushed lanthanum carbonate resulted in similarly significant reductions in serum phosphorus from baseline.