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Some men may be candidates for more prolonged PSA testing intervals.

Monthly Blood Testing in the Hemodialysis Population Questioned

In a study, monthly blood testing vs testing every 6 weeks was not associated with a lower risk of death among prevalent and incident hemodialysis (HD) patients, but is associated with an increased risk of hyperkalemia, cardiovascular events, and all-cause hospitalization among incident HD patients.

Delayed Dialysis Recovery Tied to Frailty

In a study, frail patients had about twice the risk for prolonged recovery from hemodialysis than non-frail patients, who appear to have more resiliency.
Home HD improves cardiovascular outcomes.

Kidney Health Initiative Offers Promise, Unknowns

Many nephrologists and other healthcare providers (HCPs) have enthusiastically embraced the July 10 presidential executive order titled, “Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative.” The 3 main components include a reduction in the end-stage renal disease (ESRD) rate by 25% by 2030; a substantial increase in home dialysis so that 80% of new ESRD patients can receive…
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