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Hemodialysis via an avg or avf in the arm

Kidney Failure Due to AKI May Be More Life-Threatening

Kidney failure due to acute kidney injury is associated with a significantly higher death risk in the first 6 months following dialysis initiation than kidney failure resulting from diabetes, a study found.

Twice-Weekly Hemodialysis Suggested for COVID-19 Risk Reduction

The authors of a recent editorial present a case for considering twice-weekly rather than the standard thrice-week hemodialysis, a shift that can reduce exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus, conserve personal protective equipment and other benefits.
Home hemodialysis

COVID-19 Crisis Could Speed Adoption of Home Dialysis

Patients on dialysis are at especially high risk of infection and experiencing severe complications of infection. The pandemic may prompt patients and their physicians to consider the benefits of dialyzing at home.
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