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Twice-Weekly Hemodialysis Suggested for COVID-19 Risk Reduction

The authors of a recent editorial present a case for considering twice-weekly rather than the standard thrice-week hemodialysis, a shift that can reduce exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus, conserve personal protective equipment and other benefits.
Home hemodialysis

COVID-19 Crisis Could Speed Adoption of Home Dialysis

Patients on dialysis are at especially high risk of infection and experiencing severe complications of infection. The pandemic may prompt patients and their physicians to consider the benefits of dialyzing at home.

NKF Urges Dialysis Patients Not to Stop Treatments

The National Kidney Foundation issued a statement today urging patients on dialysis to continue undergoing treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is extremely important for kidney patients to continue with their regularly scheduled dialysis treatments and take extra precautions when visiting the facilities to best protect their health,” said Joseph Vassalotti, MD, Chief Medical Officer for NKF. “Skipping…

Dialysis Modalities Found to Offer Similar Survival

Patients starting on peritoneal dialysis or in-center hemodialysis have similar mortality risks, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis of studies using propensity score matching to compare mortality risks between the modalities.

Sleep Apnea Raises Death Risk in Advanced CKD, ESRD

The study expands on prior research by incorporating a larger more diverse CKD/ESRD population followed over a longer period, and it adjusted for several important confounders, such as kidney transplant status.
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