Racial and ethnic minorities are more likely than non-Hispanic whites to have proteinuric diabetic kidney disease (DKD), according to new findings published online in Diabetes Care.

In a study of 15,683 individuals by Vivek Ghalla, MD, of Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, Calif., and colleagues, Hispanic men and women had a significant 34% and 46% increased odds of proteinuric DKD, respectively, compared with non-Hispanic whites, in adjusted analyses. Chinese men and women had a 56% and 39% increased odds of DKD, and Filipino men and women had an 85% and 57% increased odds. Non-Hispanic black women had a significant 50% increased odds.

In addition, Hispanic, Chinese, and non-Hispanic black women and Hispanic men had significantly lower odds of nonproteinuric DKD than non-Hispanic whites.

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