Statin administration prior to coronary catheterization may protect against contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI), according to a new report.

Daniele Giacoppo, MD, of Ferrarotto Hospital, University of Catania, Catania, Italy, and colleagues conducted a meta-analysis of data from 8 randomized controlled trials that included a total of 4,984 patients who underwent coronary catheterization. Of these, 2,480 patients received a statin prior to the procedure and 2,504 did not (controls).

Results showed that the incidence of CI-AKI was 3.91% in the statin group and 6.98% in the control group, the researchers reported online ahead of print in The American Journal of Cardiology. Statin recipients had a 46% decreased risk of CI-AKI compared with the control arm.

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Statin use was associated with a borderline significant 33% decreased risk of CI-AKI among patients with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) below 60 mL/min/1.73 m2 and a significant 60% decreased risk among those with an eGFR of 60 or higher.

Statin type and use of N-acetylcysteine or hydration did not significantly influence results.