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Acute Kidney Injury


AKI and New-Onset Proteinuria

Metachromatic-appearing fractured casts in the lumen of renal tubules (arrow) with surrounding syncytial giant cell reaction (Periodic acid-Schiff stain). Image courtesy of Jonathan Zuckerman, MD A 64-year-old man with past medical history of pre-diabetes, hypertension, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), elevated PSA, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and degenerative joint disease affecting T11 to L1 after extensive back…
Efficacy and Safety of Quarter-Dose Blood Pressure-Lowering Agents

Higher-Dose Statin Therapy Increases AKI Risk

In a study, high-intensity statin use was associated with a statistically significant increased risk of acute kidney injury among older adults, but the magnitude of the increased risk was clinically small.
Racial Disparities Found in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Recurrent AKI More Likely Among Blacks, Hispanics

In a large study, older age, black race, Hispanic ethnicity, anemia, decreased renal function, and cardiovascular comorbidities emerged as independent predictors of recurrent acute kidney injury.
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