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Burton Rose, MD

Ode to Burton ‘Bud’ Rose, MD

Like many of my colleagues, I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Burton “Bud” Rose on April 24, 2020 at the age of 77 years. There were two important sides of Dr Rose:  First, he was well known in the nephrology community as an extremely modest, brilliant nephrologist who published 2…
Shaminder Gupta, MD

Nearly 40% of This Nephrologist’s ESKD Patients Dialyze at Home

Shaminder Gupta, MD, is a nephrologist who practices in Houma, Louisiana.  He serves as the section chief at his hospital and also as Corporate Medical Director at Monogram Health, a renal disease care management company. He tells Renal & Urology News how he developed and manages a home dialysis program in which approximately 40% of his patients…
NKF 2017-obese patient in doctor office, obesity blood pressure

Recovery From Metabolic Syndrome Reduces CKD Risk

Compared with individuals with chronic metabolic syndrome (MetS), those who recovered from preexisting MetS had significant 16% decreased odds of chronic kidney disease, a study found.

Twice-Weekly Hemodialysis Suggested for COVID-19 Risk Reduction

The authors of a recent editorial present a case for considering twice-weekly rather than the standard thrice-week hemodialysis, a shift that can reduce exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus, conserve personal protective equipment and other benefits.
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