San Francisco-based Coloplast has announced the debut of a new sling for treating male stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

The sling, called Virtue, both elevates and compresses the urethra, a key step toward reducing urine leakage. Male sling therapy previously had been most effective in patients with mild to moderate conditions of SUI, said Yelena Tropsha, Coloplast’s Director of Research and Development. “With Virtue, we see doctors treating patients in the moderate-to-severe category with considerable success,” she said.

The sling is unique in that it uses a four-arm approach, providing gentle bidirectional compression and elevation of the bulbous urethra to help prevent urine leakage, according to Coloplast. Other slings on the market use approaches that either elevate or compress, but not both, the company stated. The sling takes about 20 minutes to implant.

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