The Hemodialysis Marathon Man

No matter how ordinary his life looks from the outside, though, Ed Strudwick, 67, is not a typical senior. Three times each week since February 1972 he has undergone hemodialysis, a nearly 36-year time span that could possibly make him the longest-surviving dialysis patient in the world.

OAB in Men: A Diagnostic Challenge

Overactive bladder (OAB) is usually associated with women, but it afflicts nearly one out of every eight American men. Its symptoms can also be confused with those of BPH, resulting in unneeded surgery.

Reverse Epidemiology: Dialysis Paradox

While obesity, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia are well-established harbingers of poor cardiovascular health and death, so-called reverse epidemiology holds that these physiological states actually increase the chance of survival in many people including dialysis patients.

Counseling ED Patients About Lifestyle

It’s increasingly clear that erectile dysfunction (ED) is strongly linked to a range of underlying ailments including systemic vascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. These disorders, in turn, are associated with diet, exercise, and other lifestyle and emotional factors.

Dialysis Centers Go Patient Friendly

A mural featuring a sun-dappled lake, crimson and azure birds, lush flowers, and palm trees adorns one waiting room wall. In another, a comfy couch beckons; a cheery blaze crackles in the fireplace, and the aroma of hot coffee wafts from an adjacent kitchenette.

Pulling the Plug on Dialysis Patients

Pulling the Plug on Dialysis Patients

Nephrologist Jean Holley, MD, will never forget Deena and Mary (not their real names), two patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) she cared for 20 years ago who asked her to let them die. Deena, a widow in her 70s, had been on hemodialysis for eight years.

A Milestone in Hemodialysis: James E. Cimino, MD, and the Development of the AV Fistula

“My wife says the only time she realizes I’m retired is on payday,” said James E. Cimino, MD, one recent morning, glancing down at his Mickey Mouse watch to make sure he was on schedule. Although he officially retired from his position as director of the Palliative Care Institute at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx in 2003, Dr. Cimino, 78, is lively, engaged, and continues to meet regularly with medical students and work on special projects.

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