Calypso Medical of Seattle announced that the FDA has cleared a new indication for use of implantable Beacon electromagnetic transponders with its external-beam radiation therapy (EBRT), known as GPS for the Body, to continuously track the position of targeted tissue during treatment of prostatectomy patients.


If the tumor site moves outside of acceptable limits, the clinician adapts therapy to ensure the radiation treatment is delivered as prescribed to cancerous tissue while avoiding adjacent healthy organs. GPS for the Body technology had previously been cleared solely for use in patients with an intact prostate.

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The Calypso System is the only technology platform designed to provide continuous tracking information during EBRT without adding ionizing radiation.


“Having the benefit of continuous real-time tracking during radiation therapy is critical to minimizing possible complications associated with external-beam radiation therapy,” said David I. Lee, MD, a University of Pennsylvania rologist.


“The objective tracking data, provided by the Calypso System, may be the key to achieving the desired outcomes for these aggressive cases.”