A new injection device for the endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) is designed to give urologists greater control and precision in VUR repair, according to the device’s maker, Cook Medical, of Bloomington, Ind.

The Injekt VUR Injection Needle is the first injection needle designed specifically for VUR and can be used in either subureteric transurethral injection or hydrodistention implantation technique, the two most common methods used in the endoscopic treatment of VUR.

The device has features to help physicians achieve and maintain precise needle position and depth relative to the ureteral orifice. Etch markings on the Injekt’s filiform tip serve as landmarks to aid in precise placement of the bulking agent. The needle’s design allows for accurate placement of the bulking agent on the first injection, minimizing both the amount of time required for the procedure and the amount of bulking agent needed for effective treatment.

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