Toronto-based hybridyne Imaging Technologies has received FDA clearance for ProxiScan, a high-resolution gamma camera for detecting cancer and other abnormalities.

The device, which is powered by cadmium zinc telluride detectors, produce higher resolution images than current nuclear imaging methods and may greatly improve the accuracy of diagnosing malignant tumors and provide detailed information needed for early treatment, according to the company.

One potential indication for ProxiScan will be in the detection of prostate cancer.With this technology, the working distance between the imaging system an the prostate gland is minimized, which makes for better images with a smaller amount of injected radioactive tracer compared with conventional nuclear medical imaging systems.

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“We are very excited about the potential use of compact digital camera systems to improve our ability to localize and treat cancer,” said Ken Weisman, MD, a urologist with CT Surgical in Hartford, Conn.