The FDA has issued an alert to health-care professionals andthe public after receiving reports of complications from the use of surgicalmesh to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence(SUI).


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The placement of mesh through an incision made in the wall of the vaginahas resulted, in rare cases, in erosion through the vagina, infection, pain,urinary problems, and recurrence of POP and/or SUI.


These reports have not beenlinked to a single brand or model of mesh. Before having an operation for POPor SUI, patients are advised to let their surgeon know if they’ve had a pastreaction to mesh materials such as polypropylene and to ask questions aboutoptions and consequences.


POP occurs when a pelvic organ, such as the bladder,the uterus, the bowel or rectum, drops from its normal position and pushesagainst the vaginal wall. SUI is leakage of urine during moments of physicalstress.