Ethical Issues in Medicine

Ethical Issues in Medicine


Doctor looking uncertain

Strategies for Managing Uncertainty in Patient Care

For many health care professionals, successfully managing uncertainty means recognizing that surety is complicated and illusory and knowledge is iterative and provisional rather than definitive.

But Is it Fair? Bioethics, COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, and Advocacy

We speak with Mildred Solomon, EdD, President of the Hastings Center and Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, where she directs the school’s Fellowship in Bioethics, about the COVID-19 pandemic, health equity, and vaccine distribution.
Senior couple consulting with a doctor via telemedicine

Deciding Which Patients Get Treatment First

Medical ethicist David J. Alfandre, MD, MS, addresses the quandary of deciding who gets priority in the allocation of healthcare resources, an issue of particular relevance today now that COVID-19 vaccinations are underway.
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