DaVita Inc., has launched DaVita Diet Helper to make kidney-friendly meals easy to plan, prepare, and track.


This all-purpose online meal planning tool helps dialysis patients, their caregivers, and renal dietitians and physicians plan proper nutrition based on a 24 unique kidney-diet prescriptions. It can be accessed at www.davita.com/diethelper. Recipes can be found at www.davita.com/recipes.

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“The main goal of DaVita Diet Helper is to help patients stay healthy as evidenced by their lab results, fluid balance, and good nutritional intake,” said DaVita nutrition specialist Sara Colman, RD. “DaVita Diet Helper is an easy way for patients to know what they can and can’t eat and in what portions to keep their protein, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and fluids in check.”


DaVita Diet Helper was developed in partnership with eDiets. DaVita dietitians helped eDiets dietitians create corresponding meal planning for the 24 unique renal diet prescriptions relating to differing amounts of phosphorus, potassium, and sodium allowed in dialysis patients’ diets.