Survival after renal transplantation is significantly lower in allograft recipients with known coronary artery disease, data show.


Investigators at Toronto General Hospital divided 429 renal transplant recipients into two groups. One group consisted of patients with a history of pre-transplant angina, MI, or positive coronary angiogram (high-risk group). The other group included subjects without a history of these cardiac problems (low-risk group).

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Of the 429 patients, 45 had post-transplant cardiac events: 31.3% in the high-risk group vs. 6.5% in the low-risk group. Five-year survival for the high- and low-risk groups was 82.8% and 93.1%, respectively. Five-year overall graft survival (74.8% vs. 84.1%) and death-censored graft survival (87.3% vs. 90%) did not differ significantly. Findings appear in Clinical Transplantation (2007; published online ahead of print).