BERLIN—High BMI, body fat mass, and body fat percentage reduce shock wave lithotripsy efficacy.


Ali Ferruh Akay, MD, and his collea-gues at the University of Dicle in Diyar-bakir, Turkey, studied 158 patients (97 male, 61 female) aged 16-92 (mean 36.7 years) who received lithotripsy be-cause of upper-urinary-system stone disease. The study excluded patients with stones smaller than 5 mm or larger than 20 mm and patients who had a stone localized somewhere other than upper urinary system. Patients with a successful outcome were placed into group I (92 patients) and those without were placed in group II (66 patients).

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The mean BMI was about 24 kg/m2 in group 1 and 26 kg/m2 in group 2; body fat percentage was 24% in group I and 29% in group II, the researchers reported here at the 22nd Congress of the European Association of Urology. Body fat mass was 16.7% in group I compared with 21.2% in group II.