Twice as many men as women are treated for bladder cancer, according to a study.


Researchers in Germany and Italy studied 876 men and 393 women treated for bladder cancer between 1969 and 1997 at a single center. In men, tumors were diagnosed at a significantly younger age (62 years) than in women (67 years).

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In men, both primary tumors and tumor recurrences were significantly more often localized in the urethra, trigonum, and vault of the bladder compared with women. In women, significantly more primary tumors and tumor recurrences were localized in the right and posterior bladder.


The researchers observed no overall gender differences in survival, but in the subgroup of patients with muscle-invasive tumors, women had significantly worse overall survival than men. The five- and 10-year survival rates were 48.8% and 33.5% for men compared with 43.1% and 28.8% for women.