Transpl Int. 2009;22:192-197

Urological complications occur frequently following transplantation of deceased cardiac donor (DCD) kidneys but do not affect graft survival, researchers in the Netherlands have concluded.

In a study of 76 DCD kidney transplantations, a team at Leiden University Medical Centre examined urological complications that occurred during the initial hospitalization until 30 days after discharge.

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They also looked at graft survival until the last hospital visit. Urological complications occurred in 32 patients (42.1%), with leakage, obstruction, or both occurring in seven (9.2%).

Overall graft survival was 92% at one year and 88% at three years, which is comparable to the rate reported in the literature for kidneys from deceased heart-beating donors, the investigators observed.

Urological complications did not affect graft survival. Only a first warm-ischemia time of 30 minutes or more decreased graft survival.