Clin Transplant 2008;22:136-140


It may be reasonable to postpone renal transplantation in patients with certain types of renal failure because late recovery of kidney function might occur, according to British researchers.

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Investigators at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in Dumfries, Scotland, prospectively surveyed patients receiving dialysis for more than 90 days. Of 202 patients, eight (4%) recovered sufficient renal function to stop dialyzing after 90 days.


Atheroembolism was the likely cause of the renal failure in five of these patients. One patient with atherosclerotic renovascular disease had been stented and would have received a live donor renal transplant had his sister not had second thoughts about the procedure, the researchers noted.

“Moves to increase the number of live donor transplants and the recognition that early transplantation is associated with better graft survival means it is possible that patients who are going to recover renal function may be transplanted unnecessarily,” the authors wrote.