Int J Urol. 2007; published online ahead of print

Sildenafil is safe and more effective than paroxetine and the squeeze technique for treating premature ejaculation, according to a Chinese study.

Investigators led by Wei-Fu Wang, MD, PhD, of the People’s Hospital of Hainan Province in Haikou, randomly assigned 180 potent men with primary premature ejaculation (PE) into three groups and followed them for up to six months. Group A patients received 50 mg sildenafil as needed, group B patients received 20 mg paroxetine daily, and group C patients used the squeeze technique daily.

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Intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT), PE grade, intercourse satisfactory score, frequency of intercourse, and adverse effects of the drugs were recorded before treatment and again at three and six months. The researchers defined PE as ejaculation before or within two minutes of vaginal penetration.

All groups had significant improvements in all parameters after three or six months of treatment, except for frequency of intercourse in group C patients. Compared with the paroxetine and squeeze technique groups, sildenafil-treated men had significant improvements in all parameters at three or six months.

In the sildenafil group, IELT rose from 1.09 minutes at baseline to 6.19 and 6.21 minutes at three and six months, respectively. IELT rose from 1.11 minutes to 4.89 and 4.93 minutes in the paroxetine group and from 1.06 minutes to 2.76 and 2.62 minutes in the squeeze group.