Kidney Int. 2008;73:473-479


Thailand has a “remarkably high” prevalence of CKD among individuals aged 35 years and older, according to Thai and Australian researchers.

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About 20% of people in this age group has stage III or higher CKD when glomerular filtration rate (GFR) was estimated using the Cockroft-Gault formula and about 13% when GFR was estimated using the simplified Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) formula. Stage IV disease was present in about 0.9% to 0.6% of the population using these formulas. The prevalence of CKD in Thailand was substantially higher than previously reported rates for the United States and Australia.


For example, among individuals older than 40, stage III CKD was twice as prevalent in Thailand as in the United States (25.5% vs. 12.3%, using the Cockroft-Gault formula and 16.3% vs. 8.1%, using the MDRD formula). Stage IV CKD in this age group also was much more prevalent in Thailand than in the United States (3.5% vs. 1.8%, using the Cockroft-Gault formula and 2.1 vs. 0.9, using the MDRD formula). Among men aged 45-65 years, the prevalence of stage III CKD was 23% in Thailand compared with 1.8% in Australia. For women in that age group, the percentages were 13.3% and 3.2%, respectively.