Perit Dial Int. 2007;27:531-536


Oral nystatin prophylaxis may prevent antibiotic-related fungal peritonitis (AR-FP) in patients receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), researchers in Hong Kong concluded.

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The investigators, from KwongWahHospital, divided 801 CAPD patients into two groups: 320

controls undergoing CAPD before October 1999 and who did not receive nystatin and 481 patients undergoing CAPD after October 1999 and who were placed on oral nystatin prophylaxis when they were prescribed antibiotic therapy.


The dosage was 500,000 units four times a day. The two groups were of similar age but the nystatin group had a significantly higher proportion of diabetics. The nystatin and control groups had 8,875 and 13,725 patient-months of follow up, respectively.


The nystatin and control groups had 13 and 14 episodes of FP, respectively. The FP rate of the nystatin group was slightly lower than that of the control group, but not significantly so. The incidence and proportion of AR-FP, however, were significantly decreased in the nystatin group compared with controls. This decrease persisted even after adjusting for the peritonitis rate. Moreover, AR-FP-free survival was significantly greater in the nystatin-treated patients.