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One of the biggest malpractice insurers in the country has sponsored a new book to help physicians improve their risk management. The recommended strategies emphasize effective communication and patient-safety principles.

Practicing Medicine in Difficult Times: Protecting Physicians from Malpractice Litigation (Sudbury, Mass.: Jones and Bartlett;2009) uses a conversational style to present case studies and real-life examples that illustrate its points. These are drawn from interviews with actual patients and doctors from several specialties, including urology and surgery. Experienced physicians, defense attorneys, and risk managers provide analysis and commentary.

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“We hope this book will prove a great resource to physicians across the country and help them understand how to minimize and manage health-care risks,” comments Anthony Bonomo, CEO of Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers (PRI).

The three authors—Marjorie O. Thomas, Christine J. Quinn, and Geraldine M. Donohue—are risk-management executives with the company, the second-largest medical malpractice underwriter in New York.

The 280-page book is available at a cost of $49.95; to order, visit www.jbpub.com/catalog/9780763748562/.