The Illinois medical licensing board  filed a request to revoke the license of a Chicago physician accused of leaving patients with deformed penises, according to a report by United Press International (UPI).


To date, 45 malpractice claims have been filed against the physician. The state has cited a “pattern of practice” showing “incapacity or incompetence to practice.”

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The physician’s sexual dysfunction clinic has lost millions of dollars in court cases stemming from a penis-enlargement procedure, in which fat is removed from the abdomen and injected into the penis. The American Urological Association has labeled this operation unsafe. An attorney for a man who underwent the procedure in 2003 said his client walked out of the clinic with an organ “that doesn’t even resemble a penis. It’s absolutely grotesque,” according to the UPI report.


The physician, a former heart surgeon, said he taught himself the procedure and has no formal background in urology or plastic surgery. He has gone on record that he stands by every operation he has performed since he began since entering the field in 1981. He contends that any deformity is a result of the patient’s failure to follow proper aftercare procedures.