The federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has  published an updated series of safety toolkits that apply evidence-based practices to many settings.


Some, such as “Reducing Discrepancies in Medication Orders,” focus on hospitals. “Testing the Reengineered Hospital Discharge” uses a set of manuals and software to standardize handoff procedures.

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Other toolkits are designed for outpatients. Topics include “Improving Hospital Discharge through Medica-tion Reconciliation and Education,” “Improving Medication Safety in Clinics for Patients 55 and Older,” and “Multidisciplinary Training for Medication Reconciliation.”

The 17 toolkits, which are available free of charge, were developed through AHRQ’s Partnerships in the  Implementing Patient Safety program. They correlate with the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals.


Researchers examined best practices in a variety of settings, including small rural facilities, large urban hospitals, health clinics, and hospital emergency departments. They also studied patient safety interventions among specific populations, including children and older patients.

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