Assembling quality staff is key to growing any medical practice. That’s why recently we compiled a list of tips to help you make the right hires for your nephrology or urology practice. One of those tips: write an enticing job ad and post it online. Nowadays posting job ads online is essential, as a majority (54%) of US adults have gone online to seek job information. How can you reach quality candidates and persuade them to apply for your opening? In this article, we break down how to write an irresistible job posting in 5 steps.

1. Create an Unambiguous, Straightforward Title

The title is the most important element of any job ad. If your title doesn’t make job seekers want to click your posting, the rest of what you write doesn’t matter. Because it’s so pivotal, some job posters misguidedly go out of their way to stand out, usually by posting extravagant or outright bizarre titles. For example, they might use “Director of First Impressions” or “Patient Satisfaction Advocate” to describe a receptionist position.

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More often than not, job seekers will bypass postings with wordy and vague titles. Make your title unambiguous. Also avoid using acronyms and industry- or practice-specific jargon. That way you won’t confuse and miss out on qualified candidates.

2. Write an Attention-Grabbing Summary

Write a brief introduction that overviews the role and your practice. Highlight a few key responsibilities and qualifications. Describe what makes your practice stand out. Remember, you have to impress applicants just as they have to impress you.

In all, the introduction shouldn’t take up more than a few sentences. Job seekers generally sift through dozens of job postings, so it’s important to spotlight the main points quickly to keep their attention.

3. List a Few Key Responsibilities

List the responsibilities a successful applicant will be expected to perform on a daily basis. Be sure to relate these activities to practice objectives so candidates understand how the role fits in the big picture.

Don’t go overboard by listing every task they’ll do. The goal here is to give candidates a feel for what a typical day will be like, not overwhelm them. Anywhere between 4 and 8 concise bullet points should do.

4. Distinguish Between Required and Preferred Qualifications

The qualifications section is where many job ads fall apart. That’s because job posters tend to make a laundry list of qualifications instead of focusing on the essentials. Think about the skills absolutely needed to do the job and list them.

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That’s not to say you shouldn’t aim high, but you’ll narrow the talent pool of applicants significantly if you list dozens of “nice-to-have” qualifications as requirements. You can add a preferred qualifications section so long as you designate it as such.

5. Post Your Job Ad Online

After you finish writing the perfect job ad, post it online. You’ll reach a wide audience by posting on general career sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. Also post to industry-specific job sites such as Health eCareers and CareerVitals to target candidates in your specialty.

Key Takeaway

There’s no shortage of career websites and job postings for candidates to sift through, so you need to grab their attention and sell them on the job quickly. Follow these steps and you’ll have qualified candidates sending in applications in no time.


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