Men with larger waists are more likely to have urinary frequency and erectile dysfunction than men with smaller waists, data show.

In a study of 409 men with moderate or severe lower urinary tract symptoms, Steven A. Kaplan, MD, of Weill Medical College in New York, and colleagues found that the proportion of men with urinary frequency (eight or more voids in 24 hours) was 39% for subjects with a waist size of 100 cm or greater, 27% for those with a waist size of 90-99 cm, and 16% for those with a waist size less than 90 cm, according to a report published online ahead of print in BJU International. The proportion of men with erectile dysfunction was 74.5%, 50%, and 32%, respectively.

“Waist circumference may represent an easy diagnostic tool to elucidate the presence of occult voiding dysfunction,” the investigators concluded.

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Waist size was significantly and positively associated with prostate volume, serum PSA level, and International Prostate Symptom Score, the researchers noted.