The condom has been through many revolutions in history, but has always had the same basic design: a rubber tube with one end sealed off.

The first condom in the medical literature, a linen sheath designed to thwart syphilis transmission, was described by anatomist Gabriele Falloppio in 1564. Various animal skins and hollow organs were used until rubber became a viable option in 1844. Liquid latex was the last big breakthrough in the 1930s, allowing transferred sensation through the very thin material. Condoms have changed very little since then.

The next new wave may be condoms made of silicone, which is better for blocking viruses and bacteria. It can be folded accordion-style, allowing it to be slipped on rather than rolled.

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Or perhaps we may see the invisible condom. A polymer gel has been designed to stick to the mucous membrane of the vagina, acting as a temporary internal condom that eventually dissolves. The condom is overdue for a makeover.