Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are commonly attributed to benign prostatic hyperplasia, but contemporary research suggests the cause of these symptoms are multifactorial, including receptor abnormalities in the bladder, modifiable lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking, and vascular, neurological or muscular phenomena. 

A new study published by Kerri L. Thurmon, MD, and colleagues in the Journal of Urology (2013; 189:1409-1414) examined the association between LUTS in men older than age 40 and the presence of bowel dysfunction.  More than 3,000 men were included, making this the largest of such studies in the adult population. 

Men reporting three or fewer bowel movements per week, hard stools, or loose stools were more likely to report more severe LUTS. These data suggest either causality or a common pathophysiology of LUTS and bowel habit abnormalities.

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