A study of 930 men with coronary heart disease (CHD) showed that those who had testosterone deficiency were at increased risk of death.

The overall prevalence of biochemical testosterone deficiency in the study population was 20.9% using a level of bioavailable testosterone levels below 2.6 nmol/L, 16.9% using a total testosterone level below 8.1 nmol/L, and 24% using both measures.

The investigators observed excess mortality in the androgen-deficient group compared with men with normal androgen levels (21% vs. 12%), according to a report in Heart (2010;96:1821-1825). Although the study could not determine whether low testosterone levels cause increased mortality or are merely markers of risk due to underlying disease, the investigators point out that serum testosterone level could prove to be a modifiable risk factor of atherosclerotic disease.

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