Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are more likely to have had prior atopic dermatitis (AD) than men without ED, according to study findings published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Investigators led by Herng-Ching Lin, PhD, of Taipei Medical University in Taiwan, compared 3,997 men with newly diagnosed ED and 19,985 men without a history of ED (controls). Of the 23,982 subjects, 1,758 had been previously diagnosed with AD: 425 (10.6%) in the ED group versus 1,333 (6.7%) in the control group.

Men with ED were 60% more likely to have prior atopic dermatitis than controls, after adjusting for hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and other potential confounding factors.

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“We suggest that clinicians should be more attentive to sexual complaints from apatients with AD,” the authors concluded.