Pentoxifylline sustained-release (PTX-SR) is moderately effective reducing penile curvature and plaque volume in men suffering from early Peyronie’s disease, researchers concluded.

The study, by Mohammad R. Safarinejad, MD, and collaborators at Shaheed Modarress Hospital in Tehran, Iran, included 228 men with early Peyronie’s disease. Subjects had a mean age of 51 years. The researchers randomized 114 patients to receive 400 mg PTX-SR twice daily and 114 to receive a similar placebo regimen for six months.

Overall, 36.9% of PTX-SR recipients reported a positive response compared with only 4.5% of the placebo arm, according to a report in BJU International (2009; published online ahead of print).

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In addition, 12 patients (11%) in the PTX-SR group had disease progression compared with 46 (42%) in the placebo group. Improvement in penile curvature and plaque volume was significantly greater in those who received PTX-SR. The PTX-SR group also had a significantly higher score on the International Index of Erectile Function scale than the placebo recipients.