Divorce can have a significant impact on a man’s biological, psychological, and social health. In an article in the Journal of Men’s Health (2013;10:3-7), Daniel S. Felix, PhD, and colleagues cite mortality rates up to 250% higher for unmarried men.

The reasons for this are many.  Never married or divorced men have higher rates of alcohol and substance abuse, a 39% higher suicide rate, less frequent monitoring of health status, and poorer compliance with medical regimens.  

The study also documented decreased levels of psychological wellbeing, happiness, and self-acceptance in divorced men.  Divorce also has detrimental effects on a man’s social life, leading to lower standard of living, less wealth, and greater economic hardship.

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The authors warn that these effects often go unnoticed or misattributed, and that effective treatment can be as simple as helping these men understand the effects of their life change on their biologic, emotional, and psychological well-being.