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HIPAA Compliance


Forty-five percent of patients reported receiving an incorrect healthcare bill.

Take Patients’ Records Requests Seriously

The US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights has levied big fines against medical organizations who failed to adhere to HIPAA requirements to release medical records to patients at their request.
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What to Do When Vendors Fail

NRC Health, a software and patient satisfaction survey provider holding data from more than 25 million patients, was locked out of its computer system in February because of a ransomware attack. When a breach like this occurs, the fault (at least in the eyes of the federal Office for Civil Rights [OCR]) tends to land…
A central issue in the trial was whether or not the doctors met the standard of care.

Patient Lawsuits for HIPAA-Related Breaches

HIPAA-related lawsuits came to the attention of Alexander Wolff when a fellow attorney called him with a case a few years ago. The plaintiff was a woman and friend of a man who was dating a nurse. The nurse, who worked at a hospital where the plaintiff received healthcare, was suspicious that the plaintiff and…
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