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Tai Chi Improves Blood Pressure Control in Seniors

Rising China and Modern Medicine for Over 1 Billion

Several years ago, I was asked to performa virtual consult on a 48-yearoldChinese business man with acomplex hilar tumor in a solitary kidney.He was advised by some of the best specialistsin his country that the only option wasnephrectomy and hemodialysis. Four yearsafter successful nephron preservation andrecuperation at our center, I visited himand his country. Together,…
adrenal gland

The Adrenal Gland: The Forgotten Urologic Organ

The adrenal glands are easilyoverlooked. Distinguishedanatomists from centuries agosuch as Aelius Galen, Leonardo daVinci, and Andreas Vesalius omittedthe adrenals in their early descriptionsof the retroperitoneum. The criticalimportance of the adrenal gland wasrecognized in the mid-19th centuryby Thomas Addison and CharlesÉdouardBrown-Séquard, who demonstratedthat bilateral adrenalectomyuniformly resulted in death. This ledto the discovery and isolation of adrenaline,…

Nephrology-Urology Teamwork Sensible

A number of patients referred to my faculty ambulatory clinic at the University of California Irvine have urologic disorders, including some who underwent partial or radical nephrectomy. Many patients do not comprehend the distinction between nephrologist and urologist, and refer to both as “kidney doctor.” I often educate these patients, explaining that a urologist is…
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