LAS VEGAS—Inpatient cost savings may offset the costs of patient adherence to cinacalcet therapy, a study shows.

Analysis of data from 4,936 dialysis patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHTP) showed that mean inpatient costs over 12 months were $20,979 for non-adherers to cinacalcet treatment, $14,869 for low adherers, and $9,604 for high adherers. Mean cinacalcet costs were $1,427, $3,244, and $5,266, respectively, according to data presented at the National Kidney Foundation’s Spring Clinical Meetings.

Compared with non-adherence, low adherence and high adherence were associated with $4,126 and $8,916 reduction in inpatient costs, in adjusted analyses. Cardiovascular-related hospitalizations accounted for 41% of inpatient costs.

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The study included patients with at least one claim for cinacalcet who survived 12 or more months after the first cinacalcet prescription claim and six or more months of pre-index data.

The investigators, led by Andrew Lee, PhD, Manager of the Global Health Economic Group at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, Calif., defined non-adherers as those who had a gap of 180 days or more in refilling a cinacalcet prescription, lower adherers as patients who had less than a 180-day refill gap and a medication possession ratio (MPR) of less than 0.8, and high adherers as subjects with a refill gap of less than 180 days and an MPR of 0.8 or higher.  

“These results suggest a potential cost-offset of inpatient savings associated with improved adherence that may reduce the economic burden of sHPT despite higher medication costs,” the authors concluded.