ORLANDO, Fla.—Hemodialysis (HD) patients hospitalized for infections receive significantly higher amounts of replacement IV iron therapy and cumulative iron dose, according to findings presented here at the National Kidney Foundation’s 2010 Spring Clinical Meetings.

Investigators conducted a case-control study of 105 HD patients, of whom 75% were hospitalized at least once. Of the 372 all-cause hospitalizations, 6.5% were attributed to vascular access related (VAR) infections and 18% were attributed to nonvascular access related (NVAR) infections.. Cases were patients hospitalized for either VAR or NVAR and controls were subjects who were never hospitalized or were hospitalized for reasons other than infection.

Cases were more likely to receive a higher IV iron replacement dose than controls (103,925 vs. 77,635 mg) and higher cumulative dose (213,790 vs. 178,440 mg).

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The two groups were similar with respect to comorbidities, such as diabetes, HIV infection, hepatitis C, and malignancy.