ORLANDO, Fla.—Lanthanum carbonate rapidly reduces serum phosphorus levels in dialysis patients, according to an analysis of data from four clinical trials.

Doses as low as 750 mg/day achieved significant decreases in serum phosphorus as soon as one week after starting treatment, investigators reported here at the National Kidney Foundation’s 2010 Spring Clinical Meetings.

One of the trials, an open label, randomized study conducted in the United States, Puerto Rico, Germany, and the United Kingdom, compared lanthanum carbonate with sevelamer hydrochloride. After one week at the titration dose, lanthanum carbonate recipients had a 1.38 mg/mL reduction in serum phosphorus compared with a 1.01 mg/mL decrease with sevelamer, a significant difference between treatment arms. In this study, treatment was started at 2250 mg/day for lanthanum carbonate and 4800 mg/day for sevelamer hydrochloride. After one week, doses were increased to 3000 and 6400 mg/day, respectively.

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“Rapid reduction of serum phosphorus may be advantageous in patients with CKD who are undergoing dialysis, at the same time reducing the requirement for multiple titration steps,” the authors concluded.