AUSTIN, Texas—Hyponatremia isstrongly associated with an increasedrisk of fracture and osteoporosis,according to the findings of a newsystematic review and meta-analysispresented at the National KidneyFoundation’s 2018 Spring ClinicalMeetings.

The meta-analysis, which included25 studies, found that hyponatremia,defined as a serum sodium level below135 mmol/L, was associated with 2.7-and 2.5-fold greater odds of fracture inprospective and retrospective studies,respectively, and 2.7-fold increasedodds of osteoporosis, Kalyani Murthy,MD, MS of Lahey Hospital & MedicalCenter in Burlington, Massachusetts,and colleagues reported in a posterpresentation.Patients had a mean age of 73years. The proportion of femalepatients ranged from 60% to 90%.Eleven studies evaluated all fracturesand 4 evaluated hip fractures.

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