DENVER—Perioperative blood transfusions are associated with an increased risk of renal graft failure long term, new findings suggest.

Frank J. O’Brien, MD, and colleagues at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland collected data on 2,013 patients who received kidney transplants over a 14-year period. In the first year following transplantation, those who received a blood transfusion at the time of transplantation (609 patients) had a significantly lower rate of graft survival than patients who did not (1,404 patients). The 10-year graft survival rate was 52%, 47%, 45%, and 41% for patients who had one, two, three, and four or more transfusions, respectively, compared with 64% for those who did not have a transfusion, the researchers reported.

Perioperative transfusion had an independent negative effect on graft outcome after adjusting for donor and recipient age, acute rejection, and PRA group.

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Hemoglobin levels prior to transplantation had no significant effect on graft outcome, according to researchers.