SAN DIEGO—Some higher-intensity statin formulations are associated with an increased risk of acute kidney injury (AKI), according to findings presented at Kidney Week 2012.

In a study that identified statin initiators categorized by dosage and formulation over a six-month washout period, J. Bradley Layton, PhD, MSPH, and colleagues at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill looked at the association of higher-potency formulations in relation to AKI. They examined a large U.S. insurance claims database, with individual formulations compared with low-dosage simvastatin.

The researchers identified 4,146,507 eligible statin initiators (73.8% lower-dosage formulations), and found that higher-dosage statins showed no increased risk of AKI over lower-dosage statins.

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However, higher-dosage atorvastatin and higher-dosage simvastatin were associated with an elevated risk of AKI, whereas lower-dosage atorvastatin and lower-dosage rosuvastatin were associated with a lower risk.