Kidney Week 2011 Meeting Coverage

Kidney Week 2011

Depressive Symptoms after Kidney Transplantation Are Associated with Decreased Survival

In a study presented at Kidney Week of 527 renal transplant recipients who had a median follow-up of seven years, researchers Dorien M. Zelle, MD, and colleagues at the University Medical Center Groningen in Groningen, the Netherlands, demonstrated that subjects who experienced depression following transplantation had an increased risk of death.

Predialysis Factors and the Timing of Dialysis Initiation among Older Adults

In a study presented at Kidney Week of 70,662 patients who initiated dialysis at 67 years or older, Deidra C. Crews, MD, of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, and colleagues found that a greater burden of comorbidities, frequent nephrology visits, and hospitalization for congestive heart failure were associated with early dialysis initiation.

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