PHILADELPHIA—The dose of cinacalcet dialysis patients receive prior to renal transplantation and their time on dialysis appear to be the most important factors associated with reintroduction of the drug during the first year following transplantation, Spanish researchers reported at Kidney Week 2011.

Raphael Pereira Paschoalin, MD, and colleagues at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona enrolled 114 patients being treated for secondary hyperparathyroidism with cinacalcet while on dialysis. Their median age was 51.3 years and their median time on dialysis was 8.6 years. All subjects had three months follow-up following transplantation and 92 completed one year of follow-up.

At the end of the first year post-transplant, 20 patients (21.7%) were receiving cinacalcet and 94 did not require the drug. Those on cinacalcet had a significantly longer time on dialysis and significantly higher cinacalcet dose prior to transplantation compared with patients not requiring post-transplant cinacalcet (131 vs. 97 months and 45 vs. 30 mg/day, respectively).

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