MILAN—Serum levels of C reactive protein (CRP) may enable physicians to predict response to tadalafil treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men with diabetes, researchers reported at the 28th annual congress of the European Association of Urology. Serum CRP levels also may be a useful marker for evaluating their endothelial status.

Hyun Jun Park, MD, PhD, and colleagues at Pusan National University School of Medicine in Pusan, Korea, enrolled 102 ED sufferers with diabetes and compared them to a control group of healthy men. After the start of tadalafil 5 mg once daily treatment, 71 patients (69.6%) achieved sufficient erection for sexual intercourse (responders) and 31 (30.4%) did not (non-responders). Responders had significantly lower serum CRP levels than non-responders (0.14 vs. 0.31 mg/dL). In addition, the ED patients had significantly higher mean serum CRP levels than control patients (0.21 vs. 0.09 mg/dL).

Patients and controls were similar in average age (53.2 and 55.6 years, respectively). The mean duration of diabetes was 54.3 months.

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